Monday, April 8, 2013

Soccer Stars

Max and Crocker had their 1st game of the season this past Saturday. Max has played soccer for the past couple of seasons, so he knew what to do and what to expect. This is Crocker's 1st time playing and he is just in it for the drink and after game snack.

They are on the same team, so that makes things easier on Sheldon and I. The games are right beside our house, so it was fun to walk over.

  photo IMG_0955-1_zps361209b9.jpg  photo IMG_0987_zps83a358ad.jpg

Sheldon was in charge of taking pictures and he got some good ones. Max did a really good job staying with the ball and getting a kick in when he could.

 photo IMG_0976-1_zps53af2f88.jpg  photo IMG_0977-1_zpsc3e9481d.jpg  photo IMG_0978-1_zps5ad3ca72.jpg

Eli stayed in his stroller for the majority of the game and then we let him get out. He really liked walking around and checking things out.

  photo IMG_0968-2_zps6f429132.jpg

For his age, I think Crocker did a good job at the game. He ran after the ball and even kicked it a time or two. He is the littlest one out there playing, so he did end up on the ground a couple of times.

 photo IMG_0958-1_zps86e6b86a.jpg  photo IMG_0960_zps6c2e8bc0.jpg  photo IMG_0964_zps6641250b.jpg

We had 5 more games in the season and the boys are ready to play again!

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