Friday, January 25, 2013

Eli is One!

Today, our 3rd son turns 1.

Sheldon and I have been so blessed to have 3 sons. Each one of our boys is unique and brings such joy to our family.

Eli may be the third child, but he has been the first in many ways this year.

He is the first to sleep through the night. (at 8 weeks)
He is the first to roll over and crawl.
He is our child that walked the earliest. (full time walker at 11.5 months)

Eli has brought a year of happiness and love to our family and we are so grateful to have him in our family!

  photo Screenshot2013-01-24at102200AM_zps2977e9dc.png  photo Screenshot2013-01-24at102309AM_zps2d240d9b.png  photo Screenshot2013-01-24at102358AM_zps2cc30613.png  photo Screenshot2013-01-24at102431AM_zpsc087317b.png  photo Screenshot2013-01-24at102507AM_zpsbd4aa53c.png  photo Screenshot2013-01-24at102649AM_zps9cd330d8.png  photo Screenshot2013-01-24at102700AM_zps73e7327c.png  photo Screenshot2013-01-24at102714AM_zpsb4f08ff1.png  photo Screenshot2013-01-24at102733AM_zps6932f311.png  photo Screenshot2013-01-24at102829AM_zpse6b50c8d.png


other gpa said...

yea! great pictures

Gma said...

Happy birthday to Eli from Gma and Gpa!!!

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