Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eli has started having a little bit of separation anxiety. He does not like for me to be out of his sight and gets quite disturbed when he cannot see me.

He sat outside the bathroom door and cried and cried while I took a shower the other day. All of the sudden, it got quiet and I thought he had gone into the other room to play. I came out and he had fallen asleep on the floor in front of the bathroom door.

 He is quite pitiful.

I had to take Max to the doctor on Monday and Sheldon was able to be home with the other boys. He sent me these pictures of Eli and told me he was not a happy camper. He wanted his mommy and did not want anything to do with Sheldon.

  photo IMG_1699_zps0a556e1b.jpg  photo photo2-25_zps3ed49de2.jpg
 *The picture on the left really makes me laugh. You can certainly tell that he is not happy that I am not at home with him.

He was pretty excited to be reunited with his mommy when I got home.

 photo photo3-22_zps28509769.jpg

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Gma said...

Such a sad little face. He loves his mommy!

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