Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fiesta Night

We have been blessed to find some good friends in the small town where we live. One of our good friends have 2 girls that are Max and Crocker's ages. Over the weekend, the husbands went fishing while the wives and kids went to the Fiesta Night in our town.
They closed off one of the main roads so they could set up activities and food. They played Latino music and had different booths serving Mexican food to eat.

When we got there, the boys wanted to jump in the bounce house. Crocker was a jumping machine and definitely has no fear.

After they jumped awhile, Max and his friend took a break to enjoy a ring pop.

They got their faces painted and played at a booth set up with play dough.

Crocker was not up for face painting, so he enjoyed a snack while he watched.

We took a break to enjoy a burrito. I was concerned the boys would not like them, but they gobbled it up.

I let Crocker out of his stroller and he wanted to push his friend. 

Crocker and his little friend shared a snow cone. She ate on it awhile and then he enjoyed some.

Max was thrilled to get to have his very own snow cone.

We brought his snow cone home and put it in the freezer. The next morning when he got up, he wanted to know if Sheldon ate his treat during the night. ha! I assured him it was still in the freezer and he could have it later in the day.


Granny Kaye said...

Such cute pictures!! The boys have some good looking women!! I thought me and Nanny were their girls!! Little did I know we were being cheated on!! Can't wait for us to go to Fun Zone again!!

other gpa said...

just have to keep an eye on that daddy and the treats

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