Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family Visit

Over the weekend, we had family come and visit. We had a full house and loved every minute of it. Our weekend consisted of talking, laughing, eating, and playing games. We managed to get a little sleep in there, but not much.

Grandpa came in late Thursday night and was a surprise for the boys when they woke up on Friday.

Everyone else came in around lunch on Friday.

Crocker had to take a nap, but was happy to snuggle with Courtney when he woke up.

Then, it was Grandpa's turn. Crocker climbed up and down out of his lap a lot this weekend.

The boys really loved Courtney. They followed her around and wanted her to entertain them.

They played with Vicki awhile.

Popcorn managed to find somewhere to lay as the night wore on.

Grandma brought the boys a few cheese balls and Crocker could not wait to open them up. He carried them around for a long time.

On Saturday, Sheldon took all the boys, men, and Courtney to shoot. Max is getting pretty good and loves to go with him.

We were usually one chair short at the table, so the boys got to eat outside. They were so thrilled!!!

We played a lot of games and got to introduce everyone to Tripoley. It is such a fun game and we played it a lot!

Aunt Vicki taught Max how to play Go Fish. He loves it and we have played many rounds since he learned!

Sunday morning, we got up and got ready to go to church. Grandpa shared one of his special drinks, Ensure, with Max. Max thought it was a milkshake and loved it!

We ate lunch on Sunday and then everyone headed home. We had such a good time and were sad to see everyone go.

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Gma said...

We had a great time and the ride wasn't bad. And thank you for mailing the Thick-It. Love ya, Gma

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