Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Trip Day 3

Today we headed out to see a 1 week old calf. Max was thrilled and could not wait to get started.

Sheldon loves dogs and was greeted by Reggie.

We went into the trailer and Max was a little nervous. He loved petting the calf.

Then, he gave her a hug and kiss.

Courtney spent the day with us and led us to the best burger place for lunch.

We came back to the house and Max went right for the tramoline.

Crocker loved the stairs and we had to keep them gated at all times.

My boys love to eat and this picture cracks me up. Sheldon got a piece of cake and by the time he got back to the table, Crocker was begging for a bite and Max was in his lap.

Grandpa and Crocker

A Hoesli family picture.

Cameron and Max playing.



Kindly Old Man said...

It's great to see the 4 generations of Hoesli's. Looked like everyone had fun. I feel for Sheldon trying to eat cake. Normally I had Popcorn, Crocker and Max all looking at me when I had food :)

other gpa said...

kindly old man, guilt trips are usually relativaly short. I can see that it really put a burden on you LOL

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