Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Halloween!

The boys all had a fun Halloween week. Our church had a carnival. The big boys got their faces painted and looked awesome as Batman and a pirate. The carnival had games and prizes, but all Crocker wanted to do was the cake walk. For several rounds, he was the only one participating and he was thrilled to win so many times.

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 Max's school went to sing at the local nursing home on Halloween.

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The kids both wore their costumes to school on Halloween. Max was Spiderman and Crocker was Bumblebee.

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We went trick or treating on Halloween night. Max had a costume change and went as a cowboy. It was hard for him to be Spiderman because he couldn't wear his glasses with the mask. So, he decided to wear a costume that didn't need a mask. Crocker still was Bumblebee and Eli was the cutest Mickey Mouse I ever did see!

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Max's pumpkin he painted for school broke open and started to rot, so Sheldon took him out and let him shoot it before we threw it away!

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