Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day Happenings

We have had such cold weather lately and predictions of a snowstorm. The boys and I have been staying at home and are a little stir crazy.

Crocker has been getting a little out of control with his choice of toys. He loves to find shoes and wear them on his hands.
Oh and I can officially say that he is a full time walker! We are so proud!

Sheldon and Max did a science experiment yesterday. The cornstarch and water provided a lot of fun for Max!

I have been cooking a lot lately and made Sheldon a homemade chocolate cake with Grandma Hoesli's recipe. He was so proud to get to eat it!

The boys are still enjoying Christmas toys and I got out another one today. They loved the ball pit and it was a big hit!

I have been meaning to post Sheldon's handiwork for awhile, but he built these two bookcases for the playroom.
This one holds books and small toys that are organized in the white bins.

This one holds school manipulative's , the farm, and blue bins full of cars, airplanes, and trucks.

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Kindly Old Man said...

Ah the fresh aroma of a baked chocolate toys all the time. It must be great to be a Hoesli or cove person. LOL

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