Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Sheldon has been super busy at work and has been traveling. He has had to become good at juggling work and family. The kids are always so excited when he comes home!

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He likes to take Crocker and Eli out while Max is at school. They go and do "man stuff" and it usually ends with lunch out!

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He went hunting a couple of weekends ago and he brought home a pig. Of course the kids had to watch/help him cut up the meat.

 photo IMG_2992_zps14331364.jpg  photo IMG_2993_zps77d775a8.jpg
While Dad's away, the kids fill their time with games, toys, playdough, and car rides to Sonic!

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other gpa said...

looks like Max is getting ready for Gpa Mark to take him to play some "pasture pool"

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