Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Party 2014

The boys had their annual Easter party today. They ate snacks, did a craft, hunted eggs, and played with their friends. It was a very successful day!

 photo IMG_0851_zps8150e624.jpg  photo IMG_0857_zps978ae3ad.jpg  photo IMG_0858_zpsa232e7c3.jpg
Max decorated the chalk door.

 photo IMG_0850_zpsee97da1a.jpg
These boys were super excited! Crocker was convinced that it was his birthday party and was a little disappointed that I didn't have a birthday shirt for him to wear.

 photo IMG_0862_zps5e83f43f.jpg  photo IMG_0863_zpse5c0ba6a.jpg  photo IMG_0864_zps05b56054.jpg  photo IMG_0865_zpsf32ae4d3.jpg  photo IMG_0866_zpsdd889543.jpg  photo IMG_0867_zps3c7f26b0.jpg  photo IMG_0868_zps9b662f58.jpg  photo IMG_0873_zpse2067816.jpg  photo IMG_0874_zpsa023a5b5.jpg  photo IMG_0875_zps62672eb5.jpg
It was a great party and we cannot wait until next year!

 photo IMG_0876_zps47522b1d.jpg

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