Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas in TN -Day 5

Christmas Day was our last full day in TN. We had more fun seeing what Santa brought, playing with cousins, and celebrating Eli's birthday.

The kids were super excited when they woke up and saw that Santa came!

 photo IMG_3324_zps6c2ff59f.jpg  photo IMG_3327_zpsd3df92dc.jpg  photo IMG_3325_zps85af283d.jpg  photo IMG_3335_zpsa705f4f5.jpg  photo IMG_3337_zps8d0d4bce.jpg
 photo IMG_3342_zps38b77176.jpg

We ate a yummy breakfast and Uncle Mel stopped by to see the kids.

 photo IMG_3345_zps6f177540.jpg  photo IMG_3346_zps06956dba.jpg
The kids decorated a gingerbread house and then Ryne and Avery worked on it when they came later in the day.

  photo IMG_3351_zps708ac1dd.jpg  photo IMG_3352_zps3a9a75c7.jpg  photo IMG_3353_zpsb6f877ca.jpg  photo IMG_3355_zpsce664393.jpg  photo IMG_3365_zpsefa5af61.jpg  photo IMG_3362_zps50bc72f6.jpg

We had Eli's birthday party and he was so cute. He loves Mickey Mouse, so we had a Mickey party.

 photo IMG_3366_zpsfcca0fe5.jpg  photo IMG_3383_zps7848697a.jpg  photo IMG_3370_zps4c95ef5d.jpg
He was so cute while everyone was singing "Happy Birthday". When he realized everyone was singing to him, he got a little shy and had to turn and cuddle Sheldon.

 photo IMG_3386_zps28b7ca45.jpg  photo IMG_3391_zps74530dc3.jpg  photo IMG_3393_zpsa6feb0c2.jpg  photo IMG_3394_zps27088006.jpg  photo IMG_3396_zps21f3de27.jpg
We ate cake, the kids played, and we played a few games.

 photo IMG_3377_zpsf755bdc7.jpg  photo IMG_3408_zps9984dbfc.jpg
It was a fun ending to our trip!

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