Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas in TN -Day 3

Max and Crocker spent the night with Granny, so it was just Eli and Mickey for breakfast.

SZ photo IMG_3112_zps0c15f02a.jpg  photo IMG_3113_zps9691448c.jpg

 After breakfast, we hung around the house. My mom and I went to see Saving Mr. Banks. It was so good! We ate dinner and then took the big boys bowling. Sheldon thought he was the best bowler in the family, but we set out to prove him wrong! The kids had never been bowling before and they loved it!

  photo IMG_3117_zps8f58ad31.jpg  photo IMG_3126_zps7b9d90d5.jpg  photo IMG_3127_zps230d0c50.jpg  photo IMG_3128_zps2bc3e62d.jpg  photo IMG_3129_zps07b25b04.jpg  photo IMG_3130_zps48c58b97.jpg  photo IMG_3131_zpsbbc848a8.jpg  photo IMG_3133_zps8e9d8a9d.jpg  photo IMG_3134_zpsde9c2a71.jpg  photo IMG_3135_zpsb0d4c63c.jpg  photo IMG_3137_zps99987b9a.jpg  photo IMG_3144_zpsa2a67e9e.jpg
I came out victorious over Sheldon!

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