Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas in TN- Day 2

My sister and her family came in late Saturday night. Max spent the night with Granny and everyone was so happy to see him when he arrived!

 photo IMG_2977_zps7ca158d0.jpg  photo IMG_2984_zps290f985e.jpg

The kids played around with their cousins and then they all decorated the Christmas tree.

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We all got ready for church and took a few family pictures.  We all got a good laugh when Eli snuck in my sister's family picture.

 photo IMG_3020_zpsfc8ee0c8.jpg  photo IMG_3028_zps1e6f27f8.jpg  photo IMG_3043_zps361b81fe.jpg

It was a special day at church. Eli was christened.

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Then we went to lunch after.

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My dad gathered everyone up when we got home from lunch for a surprise. Apparently I am the only one aware of someone taking pictures. ha!

 photo IMG_3094_zps4b508e0b.jpg  photo IMG_3096_zps04075f55.jpg

My parents planned a big surprise. My dad called Sheldon and my brother in law over the summer to get a couple dates they would be able to take off work. My dad told them he was going to surprise my mom, my sister, and I with a trip to the beach for our family. Well everyone was surprised when they revealed the surprise beach trip was really a trip to Disney World and my mom was in on the surprise the whole time! We are all super excited and can't wait!

 photo IMG_3102_zps426df4ed.jpg  photo IMG_3104_zps50b7c2fa.jpg
We ended the day with a little nail painting and more fun with family!

 photo IMG_3109_zps500f356b.jpg

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