Saturday, October 12, 2013

Max's 6th Birthday Party

Max and his best friend were born 1 day apart, so it just made sense to have a joint 6th birthday party. We had a fall festival. The kids wore costumes, bobbed for apples, played bean bag toss, and painted pumpkins. The weather was perfect and all the kids seemed to have a great time.

My boys went as Spiderman, Bumblebee, and Mickey Mouse.

 photo IMG_0459_zps2f5b8627.jpg

I got a couple of pictures of the decor, but I missed getting a picture of the cupcakes.

 photo IMG_0460_zpsd60fb342.jpg  photo IMG_0464_zpsac47f2d1.jpg  photo IMG_0465_zpsb21660e7.jpg  photo IMG_0466_zpsc348c6d4.jpg

Some of the adults dressed in costume as well. I had grand plans of making Sheldon and I costumes, but I cut the fabric wrong. We live 2 hours from the fabric store, so a quick trip was out of the question. Sheldon found an old Army uniform, so he was able to still dress up. Max was so so thrilled that Sheldon dressed up too.

 photo IMG_0468_zpsed1d2a3c.jpg  photo IMG_0475_zps055806d4.jpg  photo IMG_0477_zps289607cd.jpg

Eli was right in the middle of the party festivities. His favorite part was the apples. I usually cut his apples into small pieces, but he ate 2-3 whole apples. Every time I turned around, he had a new one in his hand.

 photo IMG_0479_zps8d39ab51.jpg  photo IMG_0483_zpsa763df25.jpg  photo IMG_0486_zps69cb7217.jpg  photo IMG_0489_zps9de9d46b.jpg  photo IMG_0490_zps60cd2571.jpg  photo IMG_0491_zpse760ff6c.jpg  photo IMG_0492_zpsac60b21f.jpg  photo IMG_0493_zps51485e87.jpg  photo IMG_0494_zps6145b9a5.jpg  photo IMG_0497_zpse4fa5c2f.jpg

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Granny Kaye said...

Love the party pictures! Wish I was there!

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