Friday, May 10, 2013


Max has a gymnastics class once a week. Sometimes the little boys and I run errands or watch a movie in the car while we wait. Today the weather was so nice that we went to the park to play.

Crocker had a blast and even Eli was climbing all over the play set.

Both of Max's front teeth are loose. One of them has kinda been hanging on because he was scared to pull it out. His teacher suggested letting him bite a laffy taffy. We happened to have one here from leftover Easter candy, so we gave it a try after school.
He bit into the candy a couple of times and his tooth was so so loose. He started crying because he was so scared to have it come out all the way.

He finally let me take it out and he was so thrilled. He even put the tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy.

When he lost the bottom 2 teeth, he was scared to death of the Tooth Fairy and wouldn't dare leave his tooth out anywhere in the house for her to find.

He was so thrilled to wake up and find the money the tooth fairy left for him.

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