Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another 1st

We experienced another 1st at our home today. We had our 1st visit to the ER.
This morning, Crocker fell from the fort on the swing set. He seemed okay at first, but then I realized that he would not put any pressure on his left leg or try to walk on it.
I called the doctor, but he was out of town for the week. So, I packed him up and headed to the ER.
They did an xray and decided he just had a bad sprain. He is still not fully walking on his leg, but he is putting a little pressure on it. The doctor said it might take a few days to get him back to normal.


other gpa said...

darn it, glad nothing is broken,, Hang in there C. this too shall pass

Gma said...

So sorry you got hurt Crocker. A big hug and kiss from Gma.

So glad he didn't land on his head! love you all, Gma

Gma said...

Thank you Max and Crocker for Gpa's birthday call. We loved it!

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