Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Max's Appointment

Max went to the doctor today for his 6 month old shots. He weighs 25.3 pounds and is doing fine. He played with the doctor's stethoscope and have fun. He was upset after his shots, but he quickly got over it.
He is going tomorrow for a cranial ultrasound. His head circumference is measuring off the charts, so she wants to see is anything is going on. She said that he is just a big baby and he has a big head. We are just doing it as a precautionary measure. So, say a prayer for Max tomorrow at 11am.

Also, I have a job interview on Friday. I do not know what grade or anything, but I am willing to teach anything! Keep us in your prayers. Thanks!


The Chaffin's said...

Good luck with everything I hope it all goes well!!

Megan h said...

good luck tomorrow! Hope all goes well! I'll be thinking of you two!

New Girl on Post said...

Prayers that everything is fine with Max. Let us know how the interview goes. Good luck Jenny!

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