Wednesday, April 29, 2015

TN Fun

We have been spending the week in TN and are excited for Sheldon to come and visit this weekend. The kids and I have been spending our time homeschooling and having a little fun.

 Max made a golfer on the golf course our of Legos.

   photo IMG_0260.jpg

We went to the movies with the big kids.

   photo IMG_0261.jpg

Crocker and Nanny made cookies.

 photo IMG_0262.jpg  photo IMG_0263.jpg  photo IMG_0265.jpg  photo IMG_0266.jpg  photo IMG_0267.jpg

We went to church and celebrated on early Mother's Day.

 photo IMG_0290.jpg  photo IMG_0302.jpg  photo IMG_0303.jpg  photo IMG_0304.jpg  photo IMG_0298.jpg  photo IMG_0297.jpg  photo IMG_0300.jpg  photo IMG_0294.jpg  photo IMG_0295.jpg  photo IMG_0296.jpg

We have spend a lot of time at the park.

 photo IMG_0305.jpg  photo IMG_0306.jpg  photo IMG_0308.jpg

I got a mowing lesson and Max did some yard work.

 photo IMG_0310.jpg  photo IMG_0311.jpg  photo IMG_0312.jpg  photo IMG_0313.jpg  photo IMG_0314.jpg  photo IMG_0315.jpg  photo IMG_0316.jpg  photo IMG_0317.jpg  photo IMG_0318.jpg  photo IMG_0320.jpg  photo IMG_0321.jpg  photo IMG_0322.jpg

Baby Eli had to throw a little fit because her couldn't sit in Mommy's lap.

 photo IMG_0325.jpg

Popcorn got a much needed summer haircut.

 photo IMG_0331.jpg

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