Friday, October 7, 2011

1st Soccer Game

Max has started playing soccer and he is enjoying it. He is the youngest one on the team and he not even technically supposed to be playing. You have to be in preschool, but they made an exception for him.
He does really well in the practices, but the games are another story. He thinks everyone should have a turn to kick and does not quite understand the concept of everyone running after the ball.
He has had 2 games and he is getting better with each one. The 1st game was a mess. He was too busy waving at Sheldon and I and climbing on the goal to actually play soccer.
The 2nd game, more of the players were able to come and he did not get to play as much. He did really well running after the ball and only sat down 2x on the field because he was tired. :)

Ready for his 1st soccer game.

He is on the far right in blue shorts.

Running after the ball.

In the team huddle, he is #7.

Shaking hands with the other team, Max is in the back of the line.

I think his favorite part of the game is the snack and drink you get when it is over. Or maybe it's that we go out to eat after the games!

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Gma said...

Yay Max! Get after that ball and kick a goal for Gma. Most of all, have fun!

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