Friday, June 6, 2008

Fast Week

This week has gone by so fast. I have been in a class everyday working towards my
Pre-K endorsement on my teaching license. I am finished with my class, after going for 5 days 8-4. I just have to take a Praxis test and then I will add Pre-K as an area that I can teach.
Max has been going to daycare for the 1st time this week. He has been having a good time and really enjoying it. Today, he had to be picked up early because his fever was 103. He went to the doctor and was tested for strep, but it was inconclusive.
He has some medicine, so he will be feeling better tomorrow, hopefully.
Needless to say, I am not fond of daycare. I like Max better at home. This week was hard just seeing him about 2 hours all together. I know this is how it will be when I start teaching, so I am cherishing every moment that I stay at home with him.
I have not heard back about the job. The principal and I have emailed a few times and she said that she would let me know in a few weeks, so who knows.

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New Girl on Post said...

Poor Max! I feel bad for the little guy. I hope he's feeling better today.

Sounds like your week was very busy! That's awesome now that all you have to do is take the Praxis and you'll be able to teach Pre-K. Congrats on getting done with the class!

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