Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tennessee Trip

The boys and I spent almost 2 weeks in Tennessee this summer. We drove up in secret and surprised my parents one night.

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My sister and her kids came up the next day. My boys were in heaven having their cousins there to play.
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 We celebrated my birthday, a month late.
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 Grampy and Uncle Mel took the boys for Saturday morning donuts. This is always a highlight for the boys.
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We went to celebrate Avery's birthday, a little early.
   photo IMG_2877_2.jpg photo IMG_2894.jpg  photo IMG_2896.jpg  photo IMG_2869_2.jpg

We took family pictures in the backyard.
   photo IMG_2956.jpg photo IMG_2921.jpg  photo IMG_2925.jpg  photo IMG_2931.jpg  photo IMG_2928.jpg

Avery and I had a "sister date" while the boys were at the movies. We got pedicures, ate dinner, and shopped for lipstick.
   photo IMG_2933.jpg photo IMG_2939.jpg  photo IMG_2944.jpg  photo IMG_2948.jpg  photo IMG_2949.png

We took Crocker to see his namesake and he was so so proud.
   photo IMG_2961.jpg

We celebrated my mom's birthday, a month early.
   photo IMG_2981.jpg photo IMG_2982.jpg

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