Friday, February 26, 2016

Around Here

Eli begged Sheldon to take his training wheels off a couple of weeks before his birthday. He got the hang of it the 1st time he rode and is so fast now.

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I cut myself some bangs and I have really been enjoying them.

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Max and Crocker had projects to do for school. Crocker won 1st place and Max won 2nd.

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 The boys and I have started doing yoga and different exercises.

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 The boys have been expressing their personalities with different hair styles and picture poses.

   photo IMG_1922_1.jpg photo IMG_1930_1.jpg

 photo IMG_1977.jpg

Sheldon and I have been enjoying our last year at home with Eli.

   photo IMG_1932.jpg

 photo IMG_1968.jpg  photo IMG_2019.jpg

We have been going to birthday parties.

 photo IMG_1945.jpg  photo IMG_1946_1.jpg

 We had a dodgeball tournament in town. Sheldon was on a team and they won best adult costume!

   photo IMG_1950.jpg  photo IMG_2020.jpg

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