Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's Football Time

Where we live, you can play flag football when you are in 1st grade. Max has been counting down the days and he is so excited to get to play!

They are learning the rules and trying out positions. Max is having a lot of fun and is enjoying being on the team with all his buddies!

In today's game, he got 5 flags and was super pumped!

Max has on a maroon shirt, black pants with white on the side, and a navy undershirt. He is #12.

   photo IMG_1617_zps34c25983.jpg photo IMG_1618_zps26f17ce0.jpg  photo IMG_1619_zpsa8c20bce.jpg  photo IMG_1622_zps6b9c0d94.jpg  photo IMG_1623_zps4a68dc7f.jpg  photo IMG_1638_zps24d251ff.jpg  photo IMG_1639_zpsd469836a.jpg  photo IMG_1641_zps4a367699.jpg  photo IMG_1642_zps4284114e.jpg  photo IMG_1643_zps793deafb.jpg  photo IMG_1645_zps2c2db011.jpg  photo IMG_1646_zpsd77b42c8.jpg  photo IMG_1647_zps449af942.jpg  photo IMG_1648_zps19d6563a.jpg

While the big brothers are playing, the little kids are playing and making their own fun!
   photo IMG_1612_zps1f19992b.jpg photo IMG_1634_zps37b30907.jpg  photo IMG_1635_zpse52709e4.jpg  photo IMG_1636_zpsf08fb1bf.jpg  photo IMG_1644_zpsece4ad6a.jpg These are pictures I have taken with my phone the past 2 weeks at games.

   photo IMG_3932_zps3fc3615a.jpg

 Max has on black shorts and a green undershirt. He was playing center.

   photo IMG_3960_zpsba41b121.jpg photo IMG_3961_zps263c9308.jpg  photo IMG_3962_zpscb9a2f0c.jpg

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