Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring Soccer 2014

The big boys just finished up soccer season. They both really like soccer and love to play with their friends!
Max has played a couple of seasons now and it pretty good. He is good about staying after the ball and he scored a couple of goals each game. Crocker is mostly in it for the drink during the game and the snack after.
They were short on coaches this season, so one of Max's teammates mom and I were the coaches. We all had fun with it and all of our kids did really well!

 photo 768151b7-cb3d-4342-b64a-d324fc558441_zps5a1092c6.jpg  photo 9941fa37-d683-4e1a-94bb-3b60a66de0a6_zps69e79352.jpg  photo a8f3d02a-74bd-469b-b36b-c75e5cbe0a17_zpscf54f8a7.jpg  photo cd2626b6-bc43-4707-b80c-30ff1e4d3881_zps7ab658df.jpg  photo 468d6f3e-a78a-40dc-9ad1-6e4fcda9f041_zps45913f95.jpg  photo 7342d2c9-6bf4-4628-b625-0e560dc78992_zpse247f75a.jpg

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