Friday, May 9, 2014

Eli had to go to the doctor and Daddy was home to go with us!

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When Sheldon is home, he is good about taking each of the boys out with him. On this day, Crocker went to his shop and to eat lunch out.

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 Cute boys!

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Palm Sunday.

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Church egg hunt on Easter.

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 One of the perks of having a brother who can read.

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My baking helpers.

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The elementary school had a family dance. Eli quickly found his girlfriend and Max had some sweet moves.
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Nothing like setting up your birthday present 4 months after your birthday!

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We have finished soccer and have moved on to t-ball. Max and Crocker are on different teams, so we are going to be pretty busy!

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Sheldon celebrated his birthday.

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3 cuties in bug shirts.

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Crocker is learning to read and loves to play Hooked on Phonics!

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