Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kansas Weekend

Over the weekend, we went to Kansas for some family time. We had a good trip up there. The kids played games, watched movies, and Eli took a little nap.

 photo IMG_2867_zpscd098be0.jpg

We had a full weekend of laughing, playing games, shooting, and having fun!
Crocker and Eli even snuck in a haircut!

 photo IMG_2875_zps2e148f7d.jpg  photo IMG_2868_zps72290f53.jpg  photo IMG_2869_zps55d21633.jpg  photo IMG_2870_zpsf713bce4.jpg  photo IMG_2871_zps150962a5.jpg  photo IMG_2873_zpsbcafe478.jpg  photo IMG_2879_zps28908d32.jpg  photo IMG_2880_zpse55890d5.jpg  photo IMG_2881_zps70494aec.jpg  photo IMG_2883_zps742ea986.jpg

 As always, the weekend went by too fast and we headed home too soon! We can't wait to go back!

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