Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Little Beaver

Max has turned into a little beaver. I cannot figure out how to stop him for gnawing on his bed. If any of you know how, please let me know.


Carla said...

hey JB! On the internet you can buy clear fingernail polish that either tastes sour or like hot sauce, so you could get some and put it just along the parts he's gnawing on. It is supposed to deter fingernail biting, but it might definitely work here. Just a thought.

New Girl on Post said...

Oh my gosh!

other gpa said...

Give him more fiber in his diet. LOL I would say use hot sauce but he might get it in his eyes. Good luck

Megan H said...

There are "teething rails". If you just search that on amazon or anywhere really you'll see what I'm talking about! Good luck!

Megan H said...

Target has them for $10 online.

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