Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Fun

We spent the weekend in the city a couple of weekends ago. We have been talking about moving, so we went to look at houses. The kids got haircuts while we were there.

   photo IMG_4408_zpsa1fe2a31.jpg photo IMG_4409_zpse9e227f0.jpg

 After looking at houses, we took the kids bowling. We bowled, played games, and Max did the high ropes.

   photo IMG_4411_zpsd23c22e9.jpg photo IMG_4412_zpsf4863158.jpg  photo IMG_4414_zps2a27e2be.jpg  photo IMG_4415_zpsea02dda9.jpg  photo IMG_4416_zps1e9a8529.jpg  photo IMG_4417_zpsbd6b0ddf.jpg  photo IMG_4418_zpsd7f44179.jpg  photo IMG_4419_zps0e8b037d.jpg  photo IMG_4420_zps628fce31.jpg  photo IMG_4421_zps84d0d34b.jpg  photo IMG_4423_zpsafe3987a.jpg  photo IMG_4424_zpsbdcedc25.jpg  photo IMG_4425_zpsa6842bbc.jpg  photo IMG_4430_zps03eacc4d.jpg

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