Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

This kids were super excited to wear their costumes to school on Halloween. They went to the nursing home in town and sang Halloween songs. Crocker was a Kansas City Chief and Max was a Skylander. They weren't allowed to wear any type of mask, so Max had to leave his at home.

   photo IMG_4093_zps7e668cbe.jpg photo IMG_4094_zpscbd649cb.jpg  photo IMG_4097_zpsf2820325.jpg  photo IMG_4098_zpsd2e113bf.jpg  photo IMG_4100_zps3ed0cda2.jpg  photo IMG_4101_zps7051c993.jpg

They cancelled trick or treating in our small town because their was a football game. We love to go to the games, so it was fun to go and cheer for our team. Trick or treating was moved to November 1, so the kids got dressed up on Saturday.
   photo IMG_1657_zpsea1d6062.jpg photo IMG_1655_zps6e152f19.jpg

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other gpa said...

great costumes, looks like fun,, did they make out pretty good on the trick or treat

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