Thursday, August 28, 2014

NM Trip

Over the summer Gpa and Gma Hoesli, Aunt Vicki, and Courtney drove down for a visit. They stayed for a night and then took Max and Crocker with them to visit Grandpa Mark. The big boys were thrilled to go on a road trip and see their Grandpa. Eli stayed home with Sheldon and I. He enjoyed being the center of attention and being spoiled.

   photo IMG_1544_zps6066059b.jpg photo IMG_1545_zpsca2e2518.jpg  photo IMG_1546_zps7670d88d.jpg  photo IMG_1547_zps1fcd0f42.jpg  photo IMG_1548_zps38ad5731.jpg  photo IMG_1550_zpsf5b5ea7e.jpg  photo IMG_1551_zpsa87c5826.jpg  photo IMG_1554_zpsf2ce5dfe.jpg  photo IMG_3628_zps29858071.jpg  photo IMG_3637_zpsfcbe9dec.jpg  photo IMG_3642_zps39366557.jpg  photo IMG_1556_zps2f91a041.jpg  photo IMG_1559_zpsb3b2651b.jpg  photo IMG_1562_zps7952374b.jpg  photo IMG_3640_zps90eb49cd.jpg  photo IMG_3641_zpscdd045ea.jpg  photo IMG_3643_zps3701c994.jpg  photo IMG_3648_zps16ef6b2d.jpg  photo IMG_3649_zpsb2c27fd0.jpg  photo IMG_3645_zpsfdec13e5.jpg

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